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Scheduling in the easiest way possible

EFFE offers a free application that automates the scheduling process of employees. Employees get linked with shifts based on their availability and their skills. EFFE combines the ease of use of an application with powerful functionalities such as hour registration, reporting and CAO integration.

Automatic scheduling

The application links the employees to shifts based on their availability and their skills (poule). The application of EFFE uses its own algorithm to do this as efficiently as possible to create the most optimal schedule for you and your employees.

Easy interface

One pain point we found when looking at the market was the interface of most of our competitors. When looking into the application, there was a need to understand the whole application before you could use it. This is not the case with EFFE because our building blocks and functionalities are split into easy to understand modules

Money saver

Because of the fully automated scheduling you can save money on scheduling your employees and reinvest this into other branches of your company such as recruitment

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